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Point System/Rules

Sample Rules (Not Complete Rules)


GSKA provides fair and honest officials to the best of our ability. All Center Judges must have a black belt certificate on file at the GSKA Headquarters and have attended the GSKA rules meeting. No officials are permitted to judge their students or students they may be affiliated with.




All scorekeepers are dedicated adult volunteers. They are trained and veterans of many years of scorekeeping. If you would be interested in volunteering to be a scorekeeper, please call us or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


No un-sportsmanlike like conduct. All competitors, official & spectators must display a proper attitude & respect towards other competitors & officials. No foul or abusive language, gestures or booing. No drugs or alcohol of any kind is permitted. If the director finds your entry is incorrect, you will be placed in the appropriate division. Arbitrator’s rulings are final. Traditional weapons only, will be allowed to be used in forms. Video tape in not taken in consideration or viewed for ruling disputes.  A judge may be removed, but this must be done before the division begins.  No more than 2 judges removed per year unless permitted by Arbitrator.


2 minutes or 5 point spread wins the match. (Whichever comes first) Face & groin are non-scoring areas. Kicks to the head are 2 points. Spinning turn back kick to the head is 3 pts. (must be controlled and may not rock the head)  All punches and other kicks are 1 point. Kicks & punches must not rock the head or be excessive or contact will be called. If blood is drawn it is an automatic disqualification. If the match has started and your are late, you forfeit. Two referees must call contact for it to count.Ringstar sparring shoes are allowed.


Traditional forms are not allowed to go outside the ring unless permission is asked before beginning form. Open music and weapons forms may not run over 2 minutes, or a minimum score will be given. Any competitor who falls or forgets their kata, or is not in full control of their weapon at all times will also be given a minimum core. No music is allowed in Traditional Forms or Weapons. Music is allowed in Open Weapons (must use a weapon) and open Forms ( no weapons may be used)

This is just a brief overview. Please purchase a rule book at the tournament for more in depth rules

Tournament Ratings

  "A" "AA" "AAA"
Participation 25 35 45
1st Place 10 10 10
2nd Place 8 8 8
3rd Place 6 6 6
4th Place 4 4 4